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..welches ich soeben im Bnet Forum entdeckte.

Karune weist darauf hin, dass viele Einheiten und Gebäude sich noch stark ändern werden, was das Design betrifft. Das Aussehen von der Starcraft Alpha zur Vollversion hat sich auch komplett verändert und sieht in der Finalversion wesentlich besser aus.
"With the settings set to 'High or Ultra,' there will be some amazing textures, with the Zerg creep being exceptionally notable."
" The Art Team is constantly polishing the units, animations, buildings, maps, and textures.
Even after they've added the 'gritty' nature to the Terran buildings, they still have not finished. Since then, they've added additional animations to them, as well as Terran faction 'emblems' to them, and completely new Bunker art too.
As much as the gameplay is always being revised, so is the art. The Zerg of all 3 races probably still have the most art additions waiting to be made on it."
"I can't say with absolute certainty yet that both Bunkers will be in the game, but I can definitely make that request to them. Most, if not all of the units you've seen will be in the editor though, such as the Protoss Soul Hunter, and of course old classics like the Terran Wraith."

Außerdem äusserte sich Karune noch genauer zum Unterschied zwischen Overlord und Overseer.
" The tier 1 Overlord is very slow and does not have detection, though still essential for scouting throughout the game.
They are two different abilities. In generating creep, the Overlord essentially unloads a bunch of creep straight to the ground below it, which expands. Corrupting minerals takes some time to fully cast, but it creates a non-attacking creature that takes over that resource, and needs to be killed before those minerals are able to be gathered. Furthermore, you can corrupt resources that are already being mined, introducing potential Overseer raids to slow the enemy's production.
Neither abilities require energy. Creep generation does not have a cooldown whereas corrupt minerals has a small cooldown timer."

Update 1 Noch eine √Ąu√üerung von Karune zum Roach.
"The Roach at 90 hit points and 15 hp/sec regeneration excels at small number skirmishes, but at large encounters, they are not extremely hard to fight.
1vs1 a Roach will beat a Stalker. 5vs5 a Stalker group which focus fires and a little micromanagement can beat the Roaches with little to no losses.
Roaches are the best at countering units that attack a bit slower and do not do huge amounts of damage with a single attack, such as the Zealot."

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