13.12.2007 - 14:01
In einem Interview, welches The Mercury News mit Mike Morhaime, Chef von Blizzard Entertainment, gefĂĽhrt hat, wird auch Starcraft 2 thematisiert.

Die relevanten Ausschitte:
Q: When you guys talk about quality, you mean a different thing than most companies are willing to stomach, right?
A: I think that is probably true.
Q: Maybe the 11 years in between Starcraft and Starcraft 2. I would guess most companies aren’t willing to go that long before coming up with a quality sequel.
A: We weren’t working on Starcraft 2 the whole time. What you point out is important. We were working on other things. We try to focus on other things. We try not to do every possible opportunity at once. We try to pick opportunities and try to execute on them well.
Q: Other companies would have gotten the sequel out the next year.
A: Yep.

Q: How is Starcraft 2 progressing? What stage is it in?
A: Starcraft 2 is coming along great. It’s still pre-alpha. We don’t have anybody outside the company playing it yet. We’ll open it up with the alpha to the whole company. Then we will have the beta open up to outside players. We’ll take their feedback.

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